Zen Garden Trap Plans
Category: Blueprint
Subcategory: Plans
Item Details
Get Item: Purchase in Almanac
Used For: Crafting Zen Garden Trap
Unlock at Level: Quest
Purchase Price: 10,000 Coins
Sell Price: 2,500 Coins

The Zen Garden Trap Plans is a type of Blueprint.

Western designed, but Eastern inspired, these trap plans can be found for sale in both Yin's Eldritch Emporium in Nanjing, and Eddie & Sons in London.

Written in Eddie's messy hand, with cursive side notes from Leona - they are a little hard to decipher!

How To Get

Note: This item unlocks when you complete the Working Through the Pain quest.

This item can be obtained from the following:



Crafting Recipes:


  • None
Version History
Update Notes
December 11, 2013 Item released.

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