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Wood Chimes

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Wood Chimes
Wood chimes
Category: Crafting
Subcategory: Creations
Item Details
Get Item: Craft, Buy
Craft In: Apprentice's Workshop
Used For: Decoration
Unlock at Level: 5
Purchase Price: 24,500 Coins
Sell Price: 789 Coins

The Wood Chimes is a type of crafting creations item.

Lend your Homestead a gently hand-crafted feel with these delightful Chimes which, when the wind picks up, gently convert the bluster into melodic tones. Now where's that wind?

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:


Apprentice's Workshop






Willow Bamboo Pole Pile of Planks Winds of Change Limber Thread
1 5 1 1 1


Time: 2 hrs Success Rate: 80%



This item is needed in the following quests:

Adventurer's Torch Alluring Goat Auto-Actor Bamboo Rod Basic Box Trap Basic Fishing Rod Basic Pit Big Bang Trap Black Lure Blue Feather Lure Blue Guppy Lure Blue Lei Blue Lure Bowie Barnet Box of Baubles Brook Trout Lure Cage Drop Trap Camouflaged Box Trap Cerise Shirt Crimson Shirt Cupid Lei Da Vinci Wings Da Vinci Rockets Dinner Table & Chairs Disguised Chicken Eastern Ministry Standard Exorcist's Shrine Eyes of the Oni Fireplace Trap Garden Trellis Ghostbuster Giant Blue Egg Giant Orange Egg Giant Pink Egg Gnomish Rod Green Feather Lure Green Lure Island Top Jelly Worm Joss Paper Joss Sticks Lavender Shirt Lobsterator V2 Lobsterator V8 Maiden's Skirt Might Club Moonbeam's Bath Moonbeam's Drawn Bath Musket-teer Trap Net-a-pult Oni Loincloth Orange Guppy Lure Orange Lure Orchid Island Top Peach Wood Sword Peryton Doe Decoy Peryton Fawn Decoy Pile o' Pumpkins Pink Lure Pink Shirt Plain Jerkin Purple Lure Pumpkin Lantern Pumpkin Scarecrow Rainbow Lure Red Lure Rough Fishing Pole Runic Rift Scarecrow Selkie Lure Set Dinner Table & Chairs Shellfish Lure Shimmering Botanica Shockwave Rod Shrubbery Trap Snapper Trapper Spirit Tablet Straw Maiden Decoy Sunrise Top Tar Pit Teddy Bear The Fumigatron The Mousetrap The Wishful Sinker Thunderdome Tropical Top Vase Of Flowers Wad of Joss Paper White Lure Wolpertinger Burrow Wood Chimes Yellow Lure Zen Garden Trap
Crafting Categories
Components Creations

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