Bronze Wishing Coin Silver Wishing Coin Gold Wishing Coin Frost Fayre Wishing Coin Hallowed Wishing Coin

Wishing Coins can be used in a Wishing Well to win prizes. There are three main types of wishing coins that are awarded for logging into the game on consecutive days, and two specialty coins only usable during seasonal festivals. Each type of coin has a different set of prizes that can be won from wishing on it.

The prizes available for each coin go up in value with the value of the coin itself. A Bronze Wishing Coin will not have as valuable prizes as a Silver Wishing Coin or a Gold Wishing Coin, for example.

Seasonal Coins

In addition to the regular wishing coins, there are special seasonal coins that are only available during certain times of the year. The Frost Fayre Wishing Coin, for instance, was only available during December 2012 and early January 2013 during Frost Fayre. Seasonal wishing coins reward Folk with seasonal prizes, usually pre-set per game day by the game developers.

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