1. Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe (map)
    Matopos Hills local


  1. Adak, Alaska (map)
    Adak map location
  2. Schefferville, Canada (map)
    Schefferville local
  3. Bayas, Mexico (map)
    Bayas location
  4. Amazon River, Brazil (map)
    Amazon River location

Asia & Eastern Russia

  1. Manpupuner Rocks, Russia (map)
    Manpupuner Rocks local
  2. Mirny, Russia (map)
    Mirny local
  3. Aral Sea, Uzbekistan (map)
    Aral sea local
  4. Singing Dunes, Mongolia (map)
    Singing Dunes world
  5. Heng Shan, China (map)
    Heng shan world
  6. Song Shan, China (map)
    Song Shan worldmap

Australia, Oceania & Indonesia'

  1. Situbondo, Indonesia (map)
    Situbondo map location
  2. Umbrawarra Gorge, Australia (map)
  3. Ubirr, Australia (map)
    Ubirr location
  4. Vanuatu, Vanuatu (map)
    Vanuatua location
  5. Urewera, New Zealand (map)
    Urewera location

Europe & Western Russia

  1. Hadrian's Wall, United Kingdom (map)
    Hadrians wall local
  2. Afan Forest, United Kingdom (map)
    Afan Forest location
    (Location Map)
Afan Forest Hunt
  1. Watch Croft, United Kingdom (map)
    Watch Croft location
  2. Tower of Hercules, Spain (map)
    Tower of Hercules local
  3. Sella Valley, Spain (map)
    Sella Valley local
  4. Ibiza, Spain (map)
    Ibiza local
  5. Laval-Dieu, France (map)
    Lavaldieu local
  6. Les Combes, France (map)
    Les combes local
  7. La Spezia, Italy (map)
    La Spezia location
  8. Weisshorn, Switzerland (map)
    Weisshorn local
  9. Bavarian Forests, Germany (map)
    Bavarian Forests Local Map - Updated
  10. Sumava, Czeche Republic (map)
  11. Chalice Rock, Czeche Republic(map)
    Chalice Rock local
  12. Lake Yssel, Netherlands (map)
    Lake Yssel Local Map - Updated
  13. Langelinie, Denmark (map)
    Langelinie location
  14. Vistula, Poland (map)
    Vistula location
  15. L'viv, Ukraine (map)
    L'viv location
  16. Inari, Finland (map)
    LOCAL MAP OF INARI oct 7 2013
  17. Severomorsk, Russia (map)
    Severomorsk local

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