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Time potions are a special type of potion that can be used to decrease the amount of time it takes to craft, build or grow an item.

How To Get Time Potions

These potions can be crafted with Alchemy by using the Laboratory or you can purchase them by either clicking on the purple potion bottle at the top of your game screen or visiting The Alchemists' Society in London. You also get time potion as a reward for logging in on consecutive days.

Player bar

Once you have purchased or crafted the potion, the additional time will automatically show up at the top of your screen next to your Folk's energy. The display will only show a rough estimate of the highest two values of time. For instance 2d 11h will display if you have one or more days worth of potion to use. It will not show the minutes or seconds in this case. If you have 19h 56m of potion, you will be unable to see the number of additional seconds of time you have until you reach under one hour of potion left.


Add Time Potion

To use a time potion, click on the item that is being crafted or the crops or animals that show timers. You will see a purple bar with a notification of how much time is left to complete crafting. If you click the 'Add Time Potion' button, you will apply all of your available time potion to crafting that item until you zero out the timer or run out of time potion.

Time Potions

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