• Hi all. I just started playing less than a week ago so I'm still going through low-level quests. I've been noticing that a lot of the "needed for X quest" sections in item pages aren't filled out, and being a completist, I'd like to remedy the ones I can. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I did any web editing and I've never edited wiki code at all, so I may leave a lot more tracks than ideal while learning (I'll make sure I don't break stuff). Once I figure it out, I'd like to start making quest pages also. If that's already someone's domain, let me know and I can either send info or just leave it alone. Thanks!

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    • Aaaaand just like that I have lost access to reward data for about 10 quests for the next several days while my son's chocolate milk evaporates from the laptop keyboard. Learned my lesson: using Google Drive from now on.

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    • There is some serious untangling to be done in the La Ferte-Bernard Musketeers quest sub-tree. I think the intro quests (Porthos' Plan, Aramis' Arrangement) may have been eliminated from the game as I do not see them in my completed list. Also, there are some quests (here and elsewhere) that are activated by doing a certain thing while another quest is active, rather than by completing a quest. I'm keeping track of this and plan to do it all at once so nothing gets orphaned.

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    • So yeah, those filler quests with the Musketeers showed up after I reloaded. Seriously annoying. I added the Miranda escort questline titles to the Quests page, along with some others in the first 40% of my quest list. I'm planning to add the rest of the ones I have once I've had some sleep. It's seriously confusing to have everything mixed together when so few of the quests have pages. I'm working on a plan to get the early quests sequenced and would like to organize them by branch on the main Quests page once I have all the info. Maybe main quests in one column, Achievement sidetrips in another? Or branch into columns when one quest unlocks another? Going to have to work this one out on paper I think. Suggestions welcome.

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    • Probably need to do the branches or something since My alter acct is at the Peryton quests and those bottleneck Everything, basically until you finish them you cannot get to any of the Muskateer or Thunderdome quests, not to mention any later ones

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    • I've confirmed that the intro quests have been changed, and I've gotten access to a virgin account to play through them and get the data. Some of them have the same names as some old ones but the details and their locations in the chain are different. I've put the new quest sequence into the Tutorial section on the Quests page, with (5/2013) after the ones with duplicate names. The forums say it was the release on the 13th if we want to put that in. As I said in another thread, the tutorial quests aren't the only thing that's been retired, so if we end up creating a category for that, the release date info should probably go in the old quests,  though it wouldn't hurt to have them in the new ones too.

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    • in the potion part of fulcanelli's quest at le fete bernard for the musketeers i have completed all and spoken to fulcanelli but have not recieved my alchemist referral.

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    • wrote:
      in the potion part of fulcanelli's quest at le fete bernard for the musketeers i have completed all and spoken to fulcanelli but have not recieved my alchemist referral.

      You are not finished..keep going you will get it in a few more quest :) Good Luck

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    • The biggest issue with creating a wiki for a game in beta means constant changes and updates to the quests and intro quest lines. But I agree, and I love Alenxa's idea to keep the old quest lines around and have them listed as retired. Then we can keep track of update dates when newer quests/revisions are posted. I was so obsessed with getting almanac items posted that I hardly messed with any quest pages so thats the major thing we're lacking.

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    • Terminology question, because it's bothering my OCD: are we defining "side quest" to mean "a quest completely encapsulated by another quest"? In most other games I've played, that's a sub-quest or an intermediate quest, and a side quest is one you don't have to do in order to advance. They're kind of opposites so it's messing with my head a little, but if that's the general term in the HBM community at large then I'll go with it. Thanks. :)

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    • True, I was just trying to keep it simple. If you want to change it to sub-quest, you can :)

      Maybe we should add that to the Quests Page. Explain that there are 29 quests and a number of "sub-quests".


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    • Part of what's bugging me is that side quest does sound simpler and less technical. :p At one point there was talk of setting up the Quest page layout in outline style or in columns to clarify what level the quests are on. (No need to call them "level 3" or anything though...that's just asking for trouble.) If you guys are done replaying to find where the Spyrion and Musketeer/Peluda quests have been tweaked, we could look into that again.

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    • I agree with you Mel on both counts. I'm not sure the HBM community has an official terminology so lets go with sub-quests!

      I would love at some point to be able to have the quest page list out the main quest lines in different groups with a list of subquests. Visually I feel like it would look something like this (or a quest tree in another variety):

      Fulcanelli blah blah quest line
      • Quest 1
      • Quest 2
      • Sub-quest 1
      • Sub-quest 2
      • Quest 3

      But the details are fuzzy. I've been going through the quests I've got and reorganizing them, so that should have cleaned up a fair amount of trouble with the earlier quests. Mel posted the rest of the pictures/pages for the missing quests a few days ago and i'm just going back through as I complete them to update quest rewards and make sure everything has links. We need to do it for many of the early quests though - most dont have the quest navigator on the pages or quest rewards.

      Oh and I made you a retired template to use on retired quests and items, Alex! Just type {{Retired}} at the top of the pages and it'll drop them into the retired category.

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