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The Waiting Game is a quest given to your Folk by James in Sagres Point.

To activate this quest you need to complete the Get A Brew On quest from James in Sagres Point.

Quest Requirements

Quest Reward

Completing this quest will unlock the In The Post quest.

The Bearkeeper Quest Line

Get A Brew On
Current Quest

The Waiting Game

In The Post
Off to Iberia Sausage Rolled Get A Brew On
The Waiting Game
(Sub-quests required)
We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat We're Going to Need a Better Boat Peaky Peaky A Sly Pint
The Lady Needs Comfort Foods A Piri Exciting Offer Piri Spicy Chicken Down the Hatch
The Sorceress's Apprentice Electro-Rock Fusion As Cool As Rice
In The Post Onward To... Zengo! So This Is Zengo... Hit The Trail to... Yanartas! Adventurers Assemble: Yanartas Travel with Haste to... Silakhor Plain Safely In Silakhor Plain Advance to... Hingol From Hingol With Love Refreshing Citrus Beverage Onwards And Upwards To... Nanda Devi! A Bit Chilly in Nanda Devi Descend to... Indawgyi Lake A Place in the Sun at Indawgyi Lake A Fruity Delivery A Fishing Adventure! Enjoying A Fruit Cake Set Forth to... Nanyue! Lost...
... And Found
(Sub-quests required)
Hello Mr Yeti Beauty and The Beast Bear and Soup and Fun!
Blaze A Path To... Nanjing! Final Destination Tea Time No Place For Adventurers
Quest Lines
Previous Current Next
Guardian of Stonehenge The Bearkeeper Master Chef

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