The Lost Codex is a quest given to your Folk by Jessica in Stonehenge.

To activate this quest you need to complete the The Corruption of Stonehenge quest in Stonehenge.

Quest Requirements


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Look behind a blackberry bush.

Open for Spoiler

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Jessica's Lost Codex Hint

Quest Reward

Completing this quest will unlock the Pixie Problems quest. You will be awarded with 5Expstar.

Quest Dialogue

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The Corruption of Stonehenge
Current Quest

The Lost Codex

Pixie Problems
The Relic Request Eddie's Decision Dragon's Lair Greater Concerns The Thunderdome The Thrill of the Hunt Three Mouths to Feed A Vial of Vile Seeking Hospitality Volca-no! (Sub-quest: Fork Handles?) Seeing Eye to Eye The Fires of Vesuvius A Fitting Sacrifice Awaiting Rituals Full Circle At Least in Theory Ice Ice Baby Frigid Beast
Let's Finish Up Here
(Sub-quests required)
Musketeer Down! Always Time For A Barbeque Barbeque Bait
Sinister Circumstances at Stonehenge The Corruption of Stonehenge
Blades in the Sky
(Sub-quests required)
The Lost Codex Pixie Problems Pixies & Pages Knowledge is Power Charging Up
Growing Concerns ...what's that noise?
We're Literally Under Attack!
(Sub-quests required)
The Shabby Goblin The Shady Goblin

Cry of the Wyvern The Defence of London Back to Battlefront

Taking Back Stonehenge
(Sub-quests required)
Clearing the Corruption The Final Reagents Triangulation Stations The Ring of Runes
The Disruptor Here Be Dragons The Guardian of Stonehenge Eddie's Reward A well deserved... holiday?
Quest Lines
Previous Current Next
All for One and One for All Guardian of Stonehenge None
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