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Monster Stats
Category: Spirit
Taotie stats
Trap: Spirit Tablet
Exorcist's Shrine
Bait: Wad of Joss Paper
Coins: 2679 Coins
XP: 50 Expstar
Taotie location

The Taotie is a type of spirit monster that can be trapped. It was added during the August 16, 2013 game update.

Almanac Description

The Taotie is a rather odd Eastern Monster, created when Gui with immense hunger possesses a Chinese pot of a particular design. It is unknown how or why this happens, but Trappers should nonetheless watch out as this sentient pot seeks to devour all it can!

"I was taking part in the Mega Beef Bowl Challenge - Mrs. Wong gives you the meal for free if you can manage to eat the whole thing - when I heard a noise. I looked away from the bowl for one second I swear, and when I looked back it was gone! Turned out that a dastardly Taotie had eaten it all! Needless to say I showed it who was boss with my deadly legs!" - Chie, Meat Loving Student


This monster can be trapped in the following areas:






Trapping this monster is required to complete the following quests:


There are no achievements from trapping this monster.


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