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Sturgeon-in-chief is a quest given to your Folk by Otu in Inari.

To activate this quest you need to complete the Arctic Coddled quest from Otu in Inari.

Quest Requirements

  • Talk to Otu
  • Bring Otu a single Sturgeon (0/1)

Quest Reward

Completing this quest and the Meatball Mastery quest, will unlock the Fish & Meatballs Achievement. You will be awarded with 212 Coins and one Enchanted Horseshoe.

Quest Dialogue

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Arctic Coddled
Current Quest


Lihapullat Craft Lihapullat in your Campfire Meatball Mastery
Arctic Coddled Sturgeon-in-chief
Quest Lines
Previous Current Next
None Fish & Meatballs None
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