Storm Valkyrie
Storm Valkyrie
Monster Stats
Category: Warrior
Storm valkyrie stats
Trap: Jounin Trap
Bait: Fallen Warrior
Coins: 400 Coins
XP: 75 Expstar
Storm valkyrie location

The Storm Valkyrie is a type of warrior monster. It is similar to the Aurora Valkyrie.

Valkyries - battle maidens - are the angelic female warriors of the Norse gods. They scour Scandinavia for brave fighters to take to Odin's Realm where they are awarded with riches, immortality and competitive battle in paradise. They often appear during storms, arriving on bolts of lightning.

"The storms came, and we left out chalices of wine for the Maidens. They arrived in lightning, beauty and shining armour. Then they told us that would no longer come before us, and that we should never place wine out during a storm again. We asked why, and they could only say that dangerous times were coming." - Extract from a letter sent to the Copenhagen Branch of the Ministry of Monsters






This monster is required to complete the following quests:

  • None



Version History
Update Notes
September 2012 Monster added to Almanac - not trappable.
June 11, 2014 Monster released. Stats changed from 660/660/480 to 250/280/300. Loot changed.

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