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Monster Stats
Category: Watericon
Sprite stats
Trap: Lobsterator V2
Bait: Orange Guppy
Coins: 586 Coins
XP: 25 Expstar
Sprite location

The Sprite is a type of water monster that can be trapped.

Almanac Description

A minor elemental that can be found in the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans of the world. They are covered in a film of elemental water - which is used in alchemy and medicine.

"Legend states that the Seven Seas regularly appoint mundane fish to become Sprites - guardians of the world's water. These semi-ethereal beings can swim between the elemental plane and ours as easily as they do the oceans. Though I am unclear on the process, it appears that Sprites can attain a permanent physical manifestation by becoming an Undine. The Merfolk are likely to have more information on this." - Paracelsus


Note: After the March 25, 2014 update, there was a bug where Sprites appeared on the monster scanner in non-fishing locations. Sprites can only be trapped in fishing locations.

This monster can be trapped in the following areas:

Australia and Oceania
Europe cont.
North America
South America





Trapping this monster is required to complete the following quests:


Trapping this monster is required for these achievements:


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