Shogun's Sandals
Category: Crafting
Subcategory: Creations
Item Details
Get Item: Craft, Buy
Craft In: Expert's Workshop Spinning Wheel
Used For: Clothing
XP: 52 Expstar
Unlock at Level: 0
Purchase Price: 52 Bank-note
Sell Price: 1,430 Coins

The Shogun's Sandals is a type of crafting creations item. It is similar to the Shogun's Leg Guards and Shogun's Jacket.

These simple but striking sandals are of such outstanding quality, your feet are in for a treat.

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:


Expert's Workshop , Spinning Wheel

Enzyme-Scarred-Clothing sprite




Enzyme-Scarred Clothing Bamboo Red Paint Fiery Thread
1 4 1 1


Time: 2 hr Success Rate: 100%


This item can be worn by your Folk as clothing.


Version History
Update Notes
April 23, 2014 Item released.

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