Sella Valley is a location in Spain, Europe.

Location Local Map Worldwide Map
Sella valley
Sella Valley local
Sella valley world


The following resources can be obtained at this location:

Trees & Bushes


This is not a fishing location.


The following monsters can be trapped at this location:


There are no quests to complete at this location.

Starium Route

This site is part of The Starium Hunt. Use the link to the right to show or hide the hint; you will see a text-based description first and then have to click a spoiler button to see the pictures.

  • Creep Weed is near the upper left corner, in open space above a stone platform.
  • Creep Vine is to the lower right, mostly hidden in the upper section of a cluster of Pine Trees.
  • Starium is near the center, just to the lower right of an Oak Tree.

Open for Pictures

Click on the images for a zoomed in view Sella Valley-Starium Route - Circles

Sella Valley-Creep Weed Sella Valley-Creep Vine Sella Valley-Starium

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