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Category: Cooking
Subcategory: Ingredients
Item Details
Get Item: Buy, Collect, Gift
Used For: Alchemy, Cooking, Crafting
Unlock at Level: 5
Energy Boost: 0 Energy
Purchase Price: 1 Bank-note (5-pack)
Sell Price: 15 Coins

Salt is a type of cooking ingredient item.

Salt can be mined from the rocks on your homestead or out in the world. Or occasionally you'll pick some up when fishing in the sea.

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:



Alchemy Recipes:

Cooking Recipes:

Crafting Recipes:


Aburaage Bacon Bag of Rice Barley Grain Black Tea Leaves Boiled Rice Brine Butter Candy Marrow Cheese Chicken Broth Chicken Egg Chicken Fillets Chili Paste Chinese Pancakes Chunks o' Goat Cinnamon Corn Tortilla Cornmeal Cow's Milk Cranberry Sauce Cream Dough Duck Breast Duck Egg Edible Sesame Seeds Edible Sunflower Seeds Flour Flour Tortilla Frog's Legs Ginger Goat's Cheese Goat's Milk Ground Cumin Ham Honey Ketchup Mincemeat Mutton Chops Olive Oil Pasta Pastry Piri Piri Sauce Pizza Base Pork Pieces Raisins Raw Beef Rennet Salsa Salt Satay Sauce Sausage Seaweed Sliced Ham Soy Milk Soy Sauce Soybean Oil Spring Roll Wrap Sugar Sunflower Oil Sweet Chili Sauce Tofu Water White Bread Yeast
Cooking Categories
Drinks Food Ingredients
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