Rippon Birdwing
Rippon Birdwing
Category: Collecting
Subcategory: Butterflies
Item Details
Get Item: Collect
Used For: Achievements, Crafting
Unlock at Level: 5
Purchase Price: 5 Bank-note (5-pack)
Sell Price: 75 Coins
Rippon Birdwing location

Rippon Birdwing is a type of collecting butterfly item.

The Rippon Birdwing is a black winged butterfly with a chain of golden spots that can only be found in a group of islands in South East Asia. It is the black-gold of butterfly collectors worldwide.


This item can be obtained from the following areas:



This item has a chance of dropping the following when collected:



Crafting Recipes:


This item is not needed for quests


This item is needed to complete the following achievements:

89'98 African Swallowtail Anna's 88 Arhopala Hercules Blue Eyed Pansy Blue Morpho Chinese Windmill Claudina Common Jezebel Cruiser Cymothoe Sangaris Danube Clouded Yellow Eastern Festoon Eastern Tiger Swallowtail False Apollo Fivebar Swordtail Goliath Birdwing Great Nawab Green Birdwing Japanese Emperor Krishna Peacock Leopard Lacewing Mangrove Buckeye Monarch Peacock Pink Tipped Satyr Prepona Purple Emperor Purple Spotted Swallowtail Queen Alexandras Birdwing Question Mark Richmond Birdwing Rippon Birdwing Short-tailed Swallowtail Silvery Argus Southern Festoon Southern Swallowtail Ulysses White Barred Emperor Zebra Longwing
Collecting Categories
Butterflies Flowers Fruit and Blossoms Jewels Loot Trees & Bushes

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