Red Wine
Red Wine
Category: Cooking
Subcategory: Drinks
Item Details
Get Item: Craft, Buy
Craft In: Recruit's Workshop
Used For: Food, Cooking, Quest, Achievement
Unlock at Level: 5
Energy Boost: 439 Energy
Purchase Price: 29 Bank-note
Sell Price: 693 Coins

The Red Wine is a type of cooking drink item.

Wine is an ancient, and often sacred drink made from purple grapes. Red wine should be poured into a glass and left to warm to room temperature and 'breathe'.

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:


Recruit's Windmill , Recruit's Workshop , Recruit's Laboratory



Purple Grapes Yeast
5 1


Time: 30 min Success Rate: 67%

Used In



This item is needed to complete the following quests:


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Cooking Categories
Drinks Food Ingredients

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