This article or section is about content that was retired from the game.
Reason: This item was replaced with the Plain Jerkin
Plain Shirt
Plain Shirt
Category: Crafting
Subcategory: Creations
Item Details
Get Item: Craft
Craft In: Workshop
Used For: Clothes
Sell Price: 200 Coins

The Plain Shirt is a type of crafting creations item.

"If you're tracking prey through the woods, this shirt will help you remain hidden." - Almanac

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:

  • Craft in Workshop with:
    • 1 Plain Shirt Pattern
    • 2 Cotton Cloth
    • 1 Needle
    • 1 Thread
  • Purchase from Tailor's Shops


Your Folk can wear this item as clothing.


This item is needed in the following quests:

  • None

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