Ninja Armour
Category: Clothing
Subcategory: Tops
Item Details
Get Item: Craft
Craft In: Expert's Workshop
Spinning Wheel
Used For: Quest
XP: 111 Expstar
Unlock at Level: Quest
Sell Price: 9,964 Coins

The Ninja Armour is a type of Clothing Tops item.

The ancient regalia of the Koga Ninjas is yours, if you can figure out how to make it successfully. When worn together, subtle magic in the cloth makes it extremely difficult for others to notice you unless you specifically draw attention to yourself. Not quite invisible, but not quite un-invisible either...

How To Get

Note: This item unlocks when you complete the Bashak's Continued Assistance quest.
This item can be obtained from the following:


Expert's Workshop , Spinning Wheel


Spider silk sprite




Spirit Steel Ingot Spider Silk Shadow Cloth Limber Thread Blue Dye
1 2 1 1 1


Time: 4 hr Success Rate: 100%


Your Folk can wear this item as clothing.


This item is needed in the following quests:

Version History
Update Notes
April 23, 2014 Item released.

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Clothing Categories
Pants/Trousers Shoes Skirts Tops

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