The Mailbox system allows players to request and receive gifts and leave messages for game buddies.

To access your mailbox, you can click on the Standard Mailbox item on your Homestead or on the yellow envelope icon on the right side of your game screen. To access a buddy's mailbox, you must use the Standard Mailbox item on their homestead.

Requesting/Receiving Gifts

Ask for Gifts screen

Players can request gifts on the gift list from each of their buddies once every 24 hours or log in day. Items available to request are set by the game developers and rarely change, though seasonal items may appear as an additional option during the holiday seasonal period. For instance, during Love Week the Love Letter item is able to be sent and received from buddies.

Gift requests are limited to batches of 50 at a time, so to request from all of your available buddies you may need to use the 'ask for gifts' and 'send gifts' menu button twice.

Special Gifts

When you are constructing a building on your homestead, you are given the option to request the building materials from buddies to help you finish the building. This is the only time you will be able to request special items that do not appear on your gift list. All the special items sent to you will go directly to your building, rather than your inventory, and any extras will disappear.

Collect All

The 'Collect All' button was introduced in the January 7, 2014 game update and allows players to use one click to collect all the items available for them in their mailbox.

Note: The Collect All feature was bugged and sometimes did not collect all available gifts, but would clear them out of the gift list. To get around this, players were asked to continue collecting gifts manually until the devs released a patch.

Message Board


This feature allows players to leave public messages for each other and does not rely on the recipient player being logged in. Players tend to use this feature to alert buddies if they will be out of town for prolonged periods or just as a way to say thank you for stopping by and fertilizing crops.

Since the .com platform release, this feature appears to be bugged and may not display messages to all your buddies on different platforms.

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