Lost, plain and simple

Lost, Plain And Simple is a quest given to your Folk by Yin in Nanjing.

To activate this quest you need to complete the Waking the Dead quest from Yin in Nanjing.

Quest Requirements

Quest Reward

Completing this quest will unlock the Do you believe in Ghosts? quest.

Quest Dialogue

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Waking the Dead
Current Quest

Lost, Plain And Simple

Do you believe in Ghosts?
Dressed The Part Waking the Dead Lost, Plain And Simple Do you believe in Ghosts? Well isn't that just Grandma? From Ghost To Coast Jingle Jangle On the run Excuse Gui, coming through! The Queen of Foxes A Drink made of Rice Flipped Out! Just Call Me Rustle Smash it! Helping the Elderly Moving On Up Nobody got time for that Riddle-race! A Lucky Gift Fox Hunting
The Second Talisman
(Sub-quests required)
Siyu Later The Remedy of St. John Angling for a Talisman
What a Catch! The Fox and the Mountain A Good Strong Cuppa The Third Talisman
The Last Talisman
(Sub-quests required)
Ouch! Unnatural Medicine The Carpenter Where's Dingbang? (Sub-quest: Chirpy chirp chirp!)
The Four Talismans Hit me with your best shot Meng the Terrible (quest)
Quest Lines
Previous Current Next
Liaising with Li Chang Meng the Terrible The Curse of Meng
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