Leona's Solution is a quest given to your Folk by Leona in Akakura Shrine.

To activate this quest you need to complete the For Your Eyes Oni quest from Yumi in Koga Village.

Quest Requirements

Quest Reward

Completing this quest will unlock the The Oni Way to Find Out is to Try quest. You will be awarded with a total of 15 Expstar and 1 Bone Idol.

For Your Eyes Oni
Current Quest

Leona's Solution

The Oni Way to Find Out is to Try
Recap with Bashak Boom!!! Big Bada-Boom Very Shaken, Probably Stirred
Sub-quests required Lending Leona a Hand Quizzical Cuisine Cuisine with a Dash of Cunning Sushi Role A Safe Side of Beef Nong'an Oddity A Fizzing Fissure Fissure Fixation
Bashak's Cunning Plan Umbra Umbrage Taotie-ly Bogus, Dude Yin-citing Yin-cident Yin's Not Alone Defying Li Yin's Cunning Plan Smashing A Yin-triguing Development
An Explosive Revelation Wrath of the Librarian On the Beaten Tracks Following in Du Ping's Footsteps Big Folk, Little Oak Northward Bound Hiding Sneak Played Koga Cabana Ready To Go The Big Bang Theory Oni the Beginning Pointing the way Happy Trails Your Flower of Need Flower Show The Oni Answer Starts and Crafts
Asuka's Wishes
(Sub-quests required)
The Whinging Ninja Oni if you say so Oni Because We Care Up the Mountain Oni Fools Rush In You Oni Live Twice The Oni Way is Nakadori If Oni The One and Oni
For Your Eyes Oni Leona's Solution The Oni Way to Find Out is to Try
Quest Lines
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Embassy in the East Suddenly, Ninjas! Engineering Excellence
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Screenshot during Leona's Solution

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