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Welcome to the Here Be Monsters Wiki!


Announcements & News

Wiki News

4/2/2014: New content from today's update is posted. We're still working on updating pages with the new Crafting template.

3/23/2014: See the Apple Juice page to check out the new recipe crafting template! We will start posting this template to pages as soon as we get the icons posted!

3/17/2014: We've updated the Rainbow page with a list of all the rainbow locations. Click Hints/Spoilers to see the details.

3/6/2014: New Ninja Fishing Quests and adjustments to Homesteads!

2/11/2014: We have the details on the "Love is in the Air" release posted on the blog

11/16/2013: We have a new Facebook Group for our helpers and supporters, Join us, HBM Wiki Group

HBM Game News

4/2/2014: New monster, trap, quests and food! Read more here

3/17/2014: New monster, trap, food and quests! Read more here

3/6/2014: New quests, new fishing rods, and homestead changes! Read more on the official forums

2/27/2014: Changes to graphics of hills and server changes update today. Read more here

2/11/2014: Love Week update! Loads of new content from the devs on their release thread

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Getting Started

We need lots of help adding new content to this site, so pull up a chair and click the "Create New" button to add new pages for any content we might be missing. If you need any help getting started, check out our Editing Guide and the templates pages.

You can head over to the forums and leave a message if you have any questions- or contact one of our admins.

Here Be Monsters is currently in Beta, which means players will regularly see new content and game changes. As such, information on the wiki may change to reflect game changes, particularly after major updates. For more information please visit our Beta Game page.



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