Here Be Monsters is multi-player adventure game available to play for free on Facebook. It is published by Gamesys Ltd. The game currently exists on 3 different platforms which allow players multiple ways to play.


You are a junior Trapper in the world trying to help the Ministry of Monsters cure all the creatures around the planet after being infected with the Corruption.

" Ever since the Starium meteors began falling, once-peaceful Monsters have become infected with the Corruption, a contagious illness that the Folk of the world are immune to, but one that is rapidly spreading its influence around the globe, enraging Monsters and making them highly dangerous.

Your mission: to save the world! Embark on a globe-trotting quest to rid the world of Corruption, and fulfil your destiny to become the ultimate Trapper." - [1]

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    • No, I was confused and you cleared it up for me.  Thank you for your speedy response. Sincerely, Beth
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