Category: Homestead
Subcategory: Animals
Item Details
Get Item: Buy, Harvest
Used For: Cooking, Crafting
Unlock at Level: Quest
Purchase Price: 81 Coins
Sell Price: 8 Coins

The Goat is a type of animal item.

Another provider of milk, used to make strong tasting cheese. They are able to climb trees, as well as steep cliffs, and look ridiculous while doing so.

How To Get

Note: This item unlocks once you complete the The Bees go 'Bzzz' quest

This item can be obtained from the following:


The goat can be placed on your Homestead to harvest Goat's Milk every 6 hours.


Cooking Recipes:

Crafting Recipes:



Version History
Update Notes
September 2012 Item released.
July 23, 2014 Removed as Wishing Well Prize

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