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Monster Stats
Category: Nimble
Gnome stats 17Oct
Trap: Snapper Trapper
Bait: Roast Potatoes
Coins: 259 Coins
XP: 15 Expstar

The Gnome is a type of Nimble monster that can be trapped.

Gnomes hail from a kingdom called The Underpire, deep below the earth - the location of which is unknown. They possess great knowledge of the sciences, technology and alchemy. It is thought that their civilisation was once much greater than it is now, but fell into obscurity after some ancient event or war. Since the Corruption started the Gnomes are weakened further still. They are particularly susceptible to the disease, and lose much much of their intelligence whilst affected.

"We do not know where they come from, but they appear everywhere. This was once a blessing - we would find the broken fixed in the night by the unseen hands of the selfless Gnomes, and leave roasted potatoes in thanks. However, since the corruption began, the working is found broken, traps are found sprung, and the gifts once given are stolen by force." - Bashak, Trapper Captain


This monster can be trapped in the following areas:







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