Giant Tiger Prawn
Giant Tiger Prawn
Category: Fishing
Sub-Category: Fish
Fish Details
Giant Tiger Prawn stats
Bait: Worm
Monarch Caterpillar
Pink Lure
XP: 12 Expstar
Energy Boost: 21 Energy
Unlock at Level: 0
Sell Price: 46 Coins
Prawn location map
A prawn that is unique not only for its tiger-esque stripes, but is also the largest prawn type in the world. The Tiger Prawn can grow to lengths of 13 inches so a single prawn can be a meal in itself

The Giant Tiger Prawn is a type of fish.


This item can be fished in the following areas:

Australia and Oceania


The following baits will allow you to catch this fish:




Cooking Recipes:




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