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Name: Fulcanelli
Location: La Ferte-Bernard
Introduced in: An order of Potions - Old quest
Specialty: Alchemy

Fulcanelli is a character that was introduced during An order of Potions - Old quest from Eddie in London. This character can be found at La Ferte-Bernard until the Fulcanelli’s Remedy quest is completed. He appears again during the Revive to survive - Old and Revive resolution - Old quests from Farmer Matthieu.

Character Background

Fulcanelli is a member of the The Alchemists' Society and helps the Ministry of Monsters by working with Eddie and creating various potions and formulas to help other Folk. He is such a famous alchemist, that he developed a specialized camouflage formula that is named after him, called Fulcanelli's Formula.


This character gives the following quests:

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