Cut Diamond
Cut Diamond
Category: Collecting
Subcategory: Jewels
Item Details
Get Item: Craft, Buy
Craft In: Apprentice's Workshop
XP: 7 Expstar
Unlock at Level: 5
Purchase Price: 27 Bank-note
Sell Price: 869 Coins

The Cut Diamond is a type of collecting jewel item.

The Unbreakable Jewel - it is said Gnomes use diamonds to reflect light throughout their underground empire. Though this may just be a story told by treasure hunters

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:


Apprentice's Workshop


Rough Diamond


Time: 2 hr Success Rate: 25%



This item is not needed in any quests.


Version History
Update Notes
? Item released.
July 23, 2014 Removed from London Wishing Well

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Collecting Categories
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