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Creep Tree
Creep Tree May 2014
Category: Collecting
Subcategory: Trees & Bushes
Item Details
Get Item: Creep Tree Sapling Spawning
Creep tree location

The Creep Tree is a type of collecting tree that is only available on your Homestead. Several appear when you begin playing the game, and will occasionally grow on your homestead at random.

When a piece of Starium hits a tree, it becomes immolated in purple flames. When the fires die these parasitic, mutant trees are all that is left...

How To Get

This item can be gathered in the following areas:


Drops Wood and Creeping Ooze

Note: Creep Trees regrow at a much slower rate than other wood trees; they regain about one notch per week. Avoid removing the stumps to allow them to regrow and keep harvesting Ooze.


This item is needed in the following quests:

  • None
Version History
Update Notes
May 27, 2014 Item image changed from Creep Tree to current.
September 2012 Item Released.

Trees & Bushes
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Collecting Categories
Butterflies Flowers Fruit and Blossoms Jewels Loot Trees & Bushes

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