Category: Homestead
Subcategory: Animals
Item Details
Get Item: Buy, Collect, Win
Used For: Cooking, Crafting
Unlock at Level: 12 & Quest
Purchase Price: 400 Coins
Sell Price: 40 Coins

The Cow is a type of animal item.

Cattle are kept by farmers for their milk, which can be used to make a variety of dairy products. The average Cow sleeps just four hours a day.

How To Get

Note: This item unlocks when you complete the The Cow goes 'Moo' quest

This item can be obtained from the following:


The cow can be placed on your Homestead to harvest Cow Milk every 3 hours.


Cooking Recipes:

Crafting Recipes:

Building Recipes:


Chicken Cow Duck Goat Pig Sheep
Homestead Categories
Animals Crops Buildings Seeds

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