Chitinous Paste
Chitnous Paste
Category: Alchemy
Subcategory: Concoctions
Item Details
Get Item: Craft
Craft In: Recruit's Laboratory
Used For: Crafting
XP: 2 Expstar
Unlock at Level: 5
Sell Price: 264 Coins

The Chitinous Paste is a type of alchemy concoctions item.

A sticky white paste made from a gluey mixture of flour and water containing starium extract and butterfly chitin which reacts magically - enhancing the durability of any cloth that it coats once set.

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:


Recruit's Laboratory




Flour Butterfly Chitin Starium Extract
1 1 1


Time: 10 min Success Rate: 95%



Crafting Recipes:


This item is needed in the following quests:

Banksia Nights Basilisk's Bane Camouflage Paint Candyflora Charged Nugget Chitinous Paste Claudina Paint Eau D'Orchid Emerald Tonic Eye of Elements Floydian Prism Frozen Sapphire Fugu Toxin Gate Crasher Grand Shimmer Tree Honey Drops Inferno Ruby Jade Tonic Lion's Tail Tea Living Emerald Love Potion Memory Medicine Morning Dew Mounting Dew Nettle Cordial Oozing Tonic Peppermint Elixir Petrified Frog Petrified Newt Shadow Ink Shui Sleeping Lilies Sober-Up Soup Soul Sardonyx Star Incense St. John's Remedy Stonefish Toxin Tangawisi Venus Cultivar Yanartas Anti-venom Yawning Dew
Alchemy Categories
Concoctions Potions Reagents

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