Category: Collecting
Subcategory: Flowers
Item Details
Get Item: Collect
Unlock at Level: 5
Purchase Price: 1 Bank-note (5-pack)
Sell Price: 3 Coins
Cactus location

Cactus is a type of collecting flowers item.

There are many kinds of cactus, which are well adapted to growing arid, desert climates. The spines that grown on them are to extract what little moisture there is from the air, rather than to derive amusement from people accidentally sitting on them.


This item can be foraged from the following areas:

Australia & Oceania
North America
South America


This item can be placed on your Homestead as decoration.


This item is not needed to complete any quests.


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Collecting Categories
Butterflies Flowers Fruit and Blossoms Jewels Loot Trees & Bushes

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