Butterfly Chitin
Butterfly Chitin
Category: Alchemy
Subcategory: Reagents
Item Details
Get Item: Collect
Used For: Alchemy, Quests
XP: 2 Expstar
Unlock at Level: 5
Purchase Price: 1 Bank-note for 3
Sell Price: 33 Coins

The Butterfly Chitin is a type of alchemy reagents item.

This fine white powder is actually made up from hundreds of tiny iridescent scales of chitin, brushed from the wings of butterflies. When exposed to Starium, the powder glows slightly and is warm to the touch.

How To Get

This item can be obtained from the following:



Alchemy Recipes:


This item is not needed in any quests

Butterfly Chitin Cinnabar Creeping Ooze Distilled Luck Electrofluid Equine Mote Four Leaf Clover Mango Tree Sap Petrifying Gaze Quicksilver Star Dust Starium Starium Extract Urushiol Venus Creep Warrior's Spirit Winds of Change
Alchemy Categories
Concoctions Potions Reagents

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