This article or section is about content that was retired from the game.
Bronze Treasure Key
Bronze Treasure Key
Category: Quest Item
Item Details
Get Item: Collect
Used For: Quest

The Bronze Treasure Key is a type of quest item that can be collected from Villager Swain for completing the Prepare to repair - Old quest in La Ferte-Bernard.

This key will open a Bronze treasure chest.

How To Get

Note: This item has been removed from the game for any players working on the new beginning quests after the October 17th update. This item can be obtained from the following:


This item does not currently have a use and was removed from later versions of the game. The developers have said it was removed since it did not have a function. If you have the key you can sell it for coins. There has been no word on if the key will make a reappearance or not.


This item is needed in the following quests:

  • None

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