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Bird of Ares
Bird ares
Monster Stats
Category: Flying
Bird of Ares stats
Trap: Da Vinci's Legacy
Bait: Roast Crab
Coins: 321 Coins
XP: 40 Expstar
Bird of Ares location map

The Bird of Ares is a type of flying monster that can be trapped.

These birds are said said to be the pets of Ares, the god of war. They have bronze beaks and sharp metallic feathers that they can launch at their enemies. They are vicious creatures that won't be caught with your standard air trap. Trappers should make sure to avoid their toxic dung.

“Flapping its wings over the water, it launched its pointed feathers. Moments later, Crabs that had been pierced with those plumes floated to the surface. These were quickly swept up and swallowed by the bird, shell and all.” - Leo


This monster can be trapped in the following areas:






There are no achievements from trapping this monster.


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