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Barn storage

A barn is essential to store items which will no longer fit in your backpack. Barns take up space on your homestead but can store loads of extra items so you can keep stockpiles of crops or butterflies or fruit for making juice!

You can purchase blueprints for barns from the Almanac, Shop, or from some Shop Locations. Barns require building materials and time to be constructed, just like other buildings on your Homestead.

Small Basic Barn

Small barn

The Basic Barn Blueprint will be given to your folk in a quest, complete Real Recruit to receive the Blueprint, you will complete the barn as part of the Barn party! quest. This Barn holds 30 Items and 20 of each item. This takes 2 hours to finish building.

Building Materials

Large Wooden Barn

Large wooden barn1

Wooden Barn Blueprints are available for 49 banknotes Bank-note and some items which have to be crafted. It holds 200 items and 100 of each item. This Barn takes 6 hours to complete.

Building Materials

Large Thatched Barn

Thatched barn

The Thatched Barn Blueprints are available for 69 banknotes Bank-note and some items which have to be crafted. It holds 500 items and 100 of each item. This Barn takes 4 hours to complete.

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