Barley Grain
Barley Grain
Category: Cooking
Subcategory: Ingredients
Item Details
Get Item: Craft, Buy
Craft In: Recruit's Windmill
Used For: Cooking
Unlock at Level: 5
Energy Boost: 0 Energy
Purchase Price: 4 Bank-note
Sell Price: 183 Coins

The Barley Grain is a type of cooking ingredient item.

One of the major cereal grains, milled at a... well, at a mill.

How To Get


Recruit's Windmill




Time: 6 min Success Rate: 100%


When crafting this item, the following items have a chance of dropping:




Cooking Recipes:


This item is not needed for any quests.

Version History
Update Notes
September 2012 Item released.
October 17, 2013 Energy decreased from 5 Energy to 0 Energy.
Sell price decreased from 373 Coins to 183 Coins.
Added option to purchase for 4 Bank-note.
Unknown (around November 2013)Added as bait for Chimera.

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Cooking Categories
Drinks Food Ingredients

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